Revenue Recognition Software

Revenue Recognition SOFTWARE

Comply with accounting regulations with Softrax leading automation software!

highly complex revenue recognition regulations and gain the ability to fully manage complex allocations, deferred revenue, time value of money, fair value determination, and more.

By implementing Softrax revenue subledger you can streamline every aspect of the revenue recognition process which will save you time and resources, improve efficiency and accuracy of revenue reports, reduce operating expenses,  and gain unprecedented visibility into business performance.

Time is Running Out! 

Countdown to New Revenue Recognition Regulation Deadline

As of January 1, 2019, both public companies and private companies are expected to have adopted the new revenue recognition standards.


Don't let your revenue recognition implementation plan fall behind. Without proper workflows and systems in place accounting and finance teams run the risk of poor visibility, mistated-revenue, financial restatements, and ultimately job security. Softrax can help you update your systems quickly so you can remain fully compliant with new and exisiting revenue recognition guidelines.

Save Time. eliminate Errors. 


Save hours on month-end close cycle by automating revenue recognition processes and eliminating time-consuming workarounds.  Revenue Manager  serves as your revenue subledger, and processes accounting information automatically so that you don't have to  use spreadsheets or write custom code.  Eliminate costly and risky accounting errors, and accuratly comply with revenue recognition regulations.

By implementing Revenue Manager, you can avoid the pain of rip and replacing your ERP and reduce expensive customization costs. With Softrax you can protect your initial ERP investment  keeping your exisiting ERP system in place with our seamless integration.  Softrax works with Workday, Netsuite, Intacct, and more.

our Revenue Recognition software does it all

No matter how complex, SOFTRAX can help.  Revenue Manager is the only revenue recognition software on the market that expertly manages all of your revenue recognition needs.

Scheduling Revenue Recognition

Automate Revenue

Automatical calculate complex accounting including allocations, scheduling recognition of revenue, carve-outs,  triggers, and more. Determine when and how revenue can be recognized, automatically apply recasts and true-ups., and pause and resume revenue recognition as needed.
Deferred Revenue Software

Deferred revenue management

Gain control over deferred revenue by creating deferred revenue schedules based on product type, order type, revenue compliance rules. Automatically move revenue from deferred to recognized accounts per your business rules. 
Multi-Book revenue recognition

Multi Revenue Policies

Ability to report against two or more revenue policies simultaneously.  
ASC-605, IAS-08, ASC-606/IFRS 15, non-GAAP, and “what-if” books all automatically enforced in parallel. 

Revenue Recognition Intelligence

Intuitive interface

Our dashboards are highly flexible, giving you the customization your business needs. With our simple, responsive, and easy-to-use interface, revenue recognition has never been easier.
Revenue Recognition Compliance

UNRIVALED Audit Support

Provides a standardized process to ensure adherance of new and exisiting regulatory and revenue compliance requirements.  Process Revenue Disclsoures, Separation of performance obligations,  variable consideration,  SSP ,  and Significant financing Components (TVM), and more.
Revenue Recognition Dashboard

Comprehensive Reporting

Quickly visualize your revenue data with our dashboard of reports. Users gain real-time visiblity from variety of preconfigured reports, and the flexiblity to build new geographical reports instantly.
Softrax Security

strong security & controls

Control permission settings to modify individual user accounts or a group of users. Gain the ability to determine who can view, edit, and make approvals as it relates to your revenue. 

seamless integration

Revenue recognition software seamlessly integrates with over 200 ERP and financial systems to provide a complete revenue management solution, so our customer can manage all aspects of revenue in one place.


Free webinars, case studies, and product updates to help with ASC 606 and IFRS 15 regulations


Built specifically for accounting and finance teams, Softrax has helped teams of all kinds and sizes increase productivity and efficiency to achieve unprecedented visibility into a companies business performance.
revenue recognition Software for CFO
Increase executive visibility into revenue and provides the ability to make smart business decisions  that supports new products, and scale for business growth. 
revenue recognition Software for controller
Revenue Controllers
Enables revenue managers the ability to remain compliant and navigate through financial and regulatory regulations. Improve productivity. Empowers you to manage contracts, and prepare reports.
revenue recognition Software for IT
IT Departments
Enables IT to protect their initial investments and seamlessly integrate  Softrax into their existing ERP systems. We support your current objectives  by offering on-premise or cloud based applications.

get On The Path to Automation

Start automating your revenue recogntion processes today with Softrax leading revenue recognition software for enterprise level companies.  Get a closer look at how software can help you.
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