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Park Place Technologies

Park Place Technologies

Park Place Technologies (“Park Place”) wanted to replace their revenue recognition system, which while automated, required manual intervention on a contract-by-contract basis to ensure the proper revenue recognition treatments were applied. The effort to ‘set the contract up’ for revenue recognition was on the order of anywhere between 20-30 minutes per contract.

Park Place found the solution for true automation in SOFTRAX. The company implemented the SOFTRAX Revenue Management System (RMS) and was able to process contracts in full automation. SOFTRAX RMS provides full Level III automation, meaning that it is not only capable of automating the various revenue treatments that must be applied to a contract, but also the decision process as to which treatments should be applied to each contract entering the system. This includes the initial processing of the contract and the complex post-processing that can occur afterward. Most importantly to Park Place, they have visibility to the position (accrued revenue or contract liability) at the unique asset level, an essential KPI used by all parts of the business. Prior to the implementation of SOFTRAX RMS, reporting on asset position was cumbersome and time-consuming.

“We began to see significant efficiency improvements within two weeks of go-live. We are a growing business. SOFTRAX is a Win-Win for us. We have dramatically increased our transaction volume through organic and M&A related growth without a need for increased headcount. Also, we have far more faith and comfort in our security and controls, despite our lower cost of operation.”
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Cory Turner
Revenue Manager

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