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Spending Too Much Time Managing Revenue and Not Enough on Strategic Ways to Increase It?

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SOFTRAX is a powerful system to perform order management, billing, renewal management, and revenue recognition. This single solution gives you the freedom to focus on more profitable analytical tasks.

SOFTRAX delivers the only comprehensive solution that supports all forms of complex billing and revenue recognition in accordance with the new ASC 606 and IFRS 15 standards. This unique system drives a high level of automation to advance your back-office functionality toward continuous accounting.

A Perfect Fit for Revenue Management


The SOFTRAX Revenue Management System (RMS) delivers the industry’s highest level of system-wide automation. This single solution seamlessly integrates with existing CRM, CPQ, or home-grown systems automating the flow of order and fulfillment data to trigger billing and revenue recognition. The system simultaneously accounts for exchange rate, tax, and payment data to ensure accurate and timely processing.

The Problems We Solve

Subscription Billing

Most companies moving to a subscription or consumption billing model anticipate increased billing complexity. But many have not planned for the associated revenue recognition challenges.

SOFTRAX is the industry’s only solutions provider with the breadth of expertise and functionality to handle subscription, consumption, milestone, and renewal billing as well as advanced revenue recognition.

Operationalizing ASC 606

Now that most organizations are confident in their ASC 606 compliance, they face the “day-two” challenge of operationalizing this massive accounting shift.

SOFTRAX solutions are designed to seamlessly evolve with the changing financial requirements that come with business operational adjustments or compliance modifications.

Reinvigorating Aging ERP Setups

With the growth of cloud computing, many companies are faced with the need to modernize existing enterprise systems.

SOFTRAX solutions feature seamless integration with all major ERP, CRM, and CPQ systems with zero customizations or spreadsheets.

Pushing Toward Continuous Accounting

While total back-office automation may seem out of reach, the path toward continuous accounting is something most companies should prioritize if they want to thrive in the future.

SOFTRAX provides the only solution that combines complex billing and revenue recognition capabilities to streamline revenue management and advance an organization’s path toward continuous accounting.

Migration Away from Customizations & Spreadsheets

Most legacy core business systems can’t keep pace with the increasing complexity of revenue management forcing many organizations to rely on manual or custom processes that are inefficient and short-term fixes.

SOFTRAX is the only solution that provides seamless integration with all major ERP, CRM, and CPQ systems with zero customization and zero spreadsheets.

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Learn How to Transform Your Revenue Management through Automation

SOFTRAX is the industry’s only solution that pairs complex subscription and milestone billing with enterprise-level revenue recognition capabilities in a single multi-tenant cloud system. To understand more download our Solution Overview sheet.