Find The Right Solution: The SOFTRAX Solution



SOFTRAX provides one system to power billing and revenue recognition compliance with ASC 606 for enterprise software and SaaS companies.

Media and Entertainment

SOFTRAX is a single system that powers billing, revenue recognition, and ASC 606 compliance for media and entertainment companies.


SOFTRAX provides one system for billing, revenue recognition, and ASC 606 compliance for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Manufacturing and Construction

We provide a single system that powers billing, revenue recognition, and ASC compliance for manufacturing and construction companies.
Billing Platform For Healthcare


SOFTRAX provides one system for billing, revenue recognition, and ASC 606 compliance for the healthcare industry.

Professional Services

SOFTRAX is a partner eco-system to all the operation and revenue accounting complexities and needs of a professional services organization.

Job Functions



We realize that financial workers are facing a tough environment. SOFTRAX has a way to save time and resources while meeting your reporting and compliance goals. Our Revenue Management System offers the industry’s most powerful single system to manage all forms of billing, contract renewal, and revenue recognition.

CIO and IT

SOFTRAX offers the world’s only system, the SOFTRAX Revenue Management System (RMS), that combines best-in-class automation for one-time, milestone, subscription, consumption, and renewal billing and complex revenue recognition in a single solution.


Whether a company has a full compliance office or is one that has human resources, legal, and finance filling the compliance role, the members of the compliance team need to be confident that the company is recognizing revenue in line with their contracts and with the tenets of ASC 606 or IFRS 15.

Sales and Marketing

SOFTRAX Subscription billing connects back-office functions to the customer like never before, and sales and marketing executives need confidence in the billing system to ensure they are optimally monetizing their relationship with their clients.

Business Initiatives


Revenue Recogntion

Companies that implemented ASC 606 may have found disparities with their previous practices that go beyond the capacity of existing systems. Many of these companies have leveraged spreadsheets and other work-around processes as a result to address the five steps of ASC 606 / IFRS 15.

Contract and Subscription Renewal

The keys to successful contract and subscription renewal management are data access and automation, which will help you maintain revenue streams, discover possible new areas of business, track upticks in renewals, and keep your customers happy.

Cloud Revenue Management

The move to recurring revenue business models coupled with recent changes in revenue recognition accounting guidance from ASC 606 / IFRS 15 necessitate additional infrastructure for support in the back-office.

Pricing Strategies and Billing Models

Subscription and consumption billing models have transformed many industries that had relied on milestone billing. For companies that have the ability to choose their billing models, knowing the benefits and challenges of each will help to make the right choice.

Discover the SOFTRAX Advantage

SOFTRAX has more than 20 years of experience in providing billing and revenue recognition solutions enabling us to offer the industry’s most comprehensive features. Our legacy gives us an in-depth understanding of customer needs, pain points, and areas of growth across a number of industries. The SOFTRAX RMS is the only multi-tenant cloud platform supporting sophisticated billing and revenue recognition in a single application.



ASC 606 Revenue Recognition Checklist

Do you know the five steps of ASC 606 and the impact of them on your revenue? The SOFTRAX ASC 606 Checklist can help.