A SaaS Company’s Revenue Management Journey – From Start-up to Enterprise

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Webinar Replay: Recorded 6.13.24​

As of 2023, the Software as a Service (SaaS) market was worth more than $195 billion (Gartner), and for a SaaS company starting out, its revenue management journey is as important as its product development and growth strategies. In this webinar for CPE credit, SOFTRAX will examine the typical path of a SaaS company from start-up (basic billing and revenue management) through the increasingly complex billing – consumption and subscription – and revenue recognition models that may apply as they move to Enterprise sales.

Participants will have a stage-driven view of the SaaS revenue management journey, including:

  • The early-stage SaaS company, in which billing and revenue recognition can be done on spreadsheets and with manual updates and the service to the customer can be done in a single performance obligation
  • The growth of the SaaS company and its effect on revenue management, including the growth in volume of the products and services, the introduction of renewal processing, the introduction of automation for key revenue management processes, and handing changes in services and the contract, including upsell, downsell, pause, resume, void, credit
  • How the now-maturing SaaS company handles functions such as quarterly billing (in advance / in arrears), managing asset and liability, the need for integration for all billing data, if there is more than one system
  • Ways in which market responses by the SaaS company is handled by revenue management processes, including services added with discounting, the need to manage SSP and allocation, possible need for additional billing models like milestone, the possible need for contingent revenue, and the percent of transfer recognition method, and how these changes play into contract modifications
  • What the introduction of the popular consumption / usage-billing model will do to revenue management, including managing tiers, the need to manage variable consideration, and the need to support additional integrations for receipt of consumption metrics
  • How the continually maturing SaaS company will address processes like bundling, for example, a single invoice line item that represents multiple performance obligations


  1. Learn the typical revenue management and billing stages of a SaaS company from launch through maturity
  2. Observe how contract modifications and consumption bill models align with the five-step revenue recognition process of ASC 606 / IFRS 15
  3. Understand the increasing billing and contract complexity that may need to be managed by the SaaS company

Note: CPE credits are not offered for watching the webinar replay.

Hosted By:

Tom Zauli

Tom Zauli

Senior VP & General Manager, SOFTRAX

Anne Coyle


Senior Director of Marketing, SOFTRAX

A SaaS Company’s Revenue Management Journey – From Start-up to Enterprise