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Grocery Business

Retail Solutions Vendor: Establishing Financial Transparency and Accuracy for Acquisition

This retail solutions vendor was able to meet all of its business requirements for a new accounting infrastructure by implementing SOFTRAX and SOFTRAX PSA. The result was an integrated and automated system that brought sharp improvements in productivity, maintenance renewals, and reseller satisfaction. When the company was acquired, the system played a significant role in the transaction by providing financial continuity, transparency, and accuracy.

This retail solutions vendor was a rapidly growing company needing to consolidate and streamline its accounting. They had a single-function system for General Ledger, and an array of disconnected spreadsheets used to manage everything else. Their maintenance records resided in yet another set of spreadsheets. These tools worked adequately when the company was smaller, but with a large network of resellers and thousands of installations, they were no longer able to handle the demands of the business.

In this case study, we cover:

  • Implementing an integrated system for product and professional services
  • Establishing accurate, timely, automated accounting processes
  • Providing higher value-add to resellers
  • Gaining substantial productivity improvements
  • Increasing maintenance renewals
  • Reducing cost of sales
  • Consolidating customer information
“It was becoming challenging to do business with us. The disconnected processes meant that customers could get invoices that were late, inaccurate, or both. Running a very tight operation was important to us, and we could no longer do it with the systems we had in place.”
Director of Accounting and Finance

Download the full case study to better understand the challenges faced by this company and how SOFTRAX helped provide solutions that brought efficiency and reduced cost of sales to their organization.

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