Case Study
Private Tech Company

Preparing Revenue Processes for Going Public

A very fast-growing private company, on its way to becoming a fast-growing public company, had to rethink and rebuild its financial systems to keep pace with the business. Spreadsheets and manual financial processes had to be eliminated. So they turned to SOFTRAX. Now critical processes such as maintenance renewals and revenue deferrals are essentially push-button operations, providing huge gains in time savings, efficiency, and peace of mind.

The company’s growth rate was phenomenal, but its accounting systems were falling further and further behind the pace. Like many emerging companies, they used a variety of spreadsheets to calculate and manage critical revenue processes such as deferrals, then made manual entries to an enterprise general ledger system. To track their maintenance renewal business they used a low-end database that housed all of their customer and product information. The database was easy to set up and easy to manage but wasn’t designed for what they were trying to do.

The company established a formal application search process and spent six months looking at available alternatives. In the end, they selected SOFTRAX for all the functionality required.

“With SOFTRAX we are hitting 100% of our renewals with huge time savings, a huge increase in our efficiency, and an enormous boost to our peace of mind.”
Chief Financial Officer

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