Revenue Recognition – ASC 606 Roundup: 10/10/2018

This week’s edition covers a few notable news articles and an SEC Filing that focus on ASC 606. 

To quickly identify ASC 606 information in the below links, click on the link, hit Control + F, enter the text “606” or “2014-09” or “ASC” and click through your search results.


News and Useful Information


Crain’s New York Business, Tax consequences of revenue recognition rules under ASC 606, by Alexandra Colman, Mark Sabates, and Eleni Lagos

Our thoughts:  The title of the article covers its central premise.  Of value are examples of how ASC 606 will have tax impacts for 1.) current and future revenue, 2.) prior period revenue recognition, and 3.) sales returns.  The article is well-written as its examples are intuitive, practical, real-world scenarios that align 606’s requirements with associated tax impacts.


Philadelphia Business Journal, Here’s your warning Philadelphia private companies: Act now on new accounting standard, by Edward Sweeney, CEO at Pine Hill Group

Our thoughts:  The article has applicability beyond Philadelphia!  Notably, it offers a good ASC 606 primer for readers that are new or need to bulk up on ASC 606.  While this might be more applicable for private companies at this point, it can’t hurt to read (it’s a 5-minute read at most) if you’re part of a public company.  One point that sticks out is a basic, yet illustrative, example of how the work to adopt 606 can catch up and explode on a company if tackling it too late.


SEC Filing



Our thoughts:  On page 9, within the “Significant accounting policies update” section, the company does a very good job of providing a clean story of its ASC 606 adoption and impacts.  The qualitative information provided, and how it’s provided, offers a valuable working example for companies to consider using in ASC 606 filings going forward.

On page 12, the company offers a unique approach relative to other filings reviewed to date, presenting a disaggregation of its total revenues.  Finally, page 13’s “Contract assets and liabilities” section is worth a review in terms of how the company formats and presents this information.


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