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Improving Billing and Revenue Management: A Guide to Getting Off Spreadsheets

When efficiency and accuracy are top priorities, identifying the right tool for the job is an absolute necessity. Learn how to kick your company’s spreadsheet habit while taking billing and
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A Guide to ERP Augmentation for Improved Billing and Revenue Recognition

“Rip and replace”, custom code, and manual workarounds aren’t the only answers. If your business is outgrowing the capabilities of its ERP infrastructure, strategic ERP augmentation may be the solution
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Billing Strategies for Innovative Business Models: How Boring Old Billing Could Be the Competitive Advantage You Never Knew You Had

Billing processes are one of the most underrated competitive assets in business. This paper examines the complex billing requirements of businesses such as e-commerce, information providers, content aggregators, business process
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Accounting for Software as a Service

Innovation is still the key to growth in the high tech business, but it has broader implications than in the past. Today some of the most important innovations are about
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Benchmarks for Billing Processes

New research shows how business models, billing and computational methods, and customer preferences impact billing complexity. See how this increasing complexity impacts billing quality and may lengthen the order to
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Meta Group: Leveraging Revenue Management Solutions

This Meta Group white paper takes an in-depth look at the Revenue Management process and the available tools to assist the enterprise. “Revenue management is an area in which most
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Do your products fall under software revenue recognition guidance?

Today, many products – including toys, aircraft, cellphones, Internet routers, copiers, medical devices, all-in-one printers and other products — incorporate software. As the prevalence of products with embedded software has
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Risks in Revenue Reporting

A June 2008 survey of 586 business leaders by in association with IDC found that 34% of responding companies were in the High Risk category for errors and inaccuracies
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Taming the Risk and Liability Beast

In this presentation text, Brian Pastuszenski, a Co-Chair, Securities Litigation and SEC Enforcement Group, Goodwin Procter, LLP, offers practical advice for corporations and their officials to use in compliance and
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Sarbanes-Oxley: Key Issues for CFOs and CEOs

This white paper reviews the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in a clear and concise manner. Key reporting and certification requirements challenges for CEOs and CFOs are among the nine elements your company
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