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EITF 08-9: Milestone Method of Revenue Recognition

On April 7, 2009 the EITF published a draft abstract of EITF 08-9, “Milestone Method of Revenue Recognition.” If approved, EITF 08-9 will introduce a new method of revenue recognition
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Compliance Week: Lowering Your Revenue Restatement Risk

How to turn your revenue policy into an automated, workflow-driven, integrated process.
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Compliance Week: Adding Compliance Solutions to your ERP Systems

More than 200 accounting rules deal with Revenue recognition. How you can deal with them when your ERP system can’t.
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EITF 00-21 Replaced – New ASU 2009-13 (EITF 08-1) Allows for Estimated Selling Price

Accounting Standards Update ASU 2009-13 (formerly known as EITF 08-1) introduces a “selling price” hierarchy for multiple-deliverable arrangements and for the first time allows for management selling price estimates in
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Revenue Recognition: an IFRS “Hot Spot”

Revenue Recognition processes, long considered “extreme” accounting under US GAAP, will be equally difficult under IFRS. The IFRS standard looks much simpler, but is it? What are the implications for
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Synopsis of FASB & IASB Preliminary Views on Revenue Recognition

After more than six years of deliberation, the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board have published their preliminary views on a new model for revenue recognition.
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Seismic Shift in SOP 97-2 – New ASU 2009-14 (EITF 09-3)

ASU 2009-14 (formerly known as EITF 09-3) tackles a hotly debated item: Should the existence of a software component in a tangible product trigger the application of software revenue recognition
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