Easily manage all of your revenue recognition needs

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Take Charge of Your Entire Revenue Recognition Process.
Automation, Controls, and Security:

 Revenue recognition and accounting are more complex than ever, and auditors now examine financial records in even finer detail.  Even as the financial systems companies struggle to keep up with their users’ evolving revenue needs.

Whatever your challenge is, SOFTRAX can help. Regain control with the industry’s leading revenue recognition automation software and easily manage all of your revenue recognition needs, including complex allocations, deferred revenue, fair value determination, and more — without the need for spreadsheets or custom code. 

Apply Your Revenue Recognition Policies on an Enterprise Level.

    • Support multiple business models with bundled revenue streams, including: product, maintenance, subscription, transaction, usage, and services
    • Recognize revenue based on dates, events, or percentage complete
    • Automatically create schedules based on product and order type or revenue compliance rules
    • Easily manage multiple entities and currencies, multi-step allocations, unbilled revenue, and complex fair value calculations

Automate Even Complex Revenue Calculations.

    • Automatically establish a standard methodology for recognition rules
    • Automatically recast revenue distributions based on groups of line items
    • Automatically bundle revenue transactions for processing and reporting
    • Use templating technology to set up automated allocation rules
    • Manage revenue according to the percentage-of-completion recognition method

Automate Your Schedules.

    • Create automated amortization schedules using a variety of recognition types
    • Support multiple revenue accrual methods
    • Set conditions for when and how revenue can be recognized
    • Automatically apply recasts and true-ups
    • Pause and resume revenue recognition as needed

Gain Control Over Your Deferred Revenues.

    • Automatically create deferred revenue schedules based on product type, order type, revenue compliance rules
    • Automatically move revenue from deferred to recognized accounts per your business rules
    • Built-in logic addresses product, maintenance, services and bundled revenues
    • Manage your schedules with hold codes and flexible recast options

Fast, Flexible and Comprehensive Reporting.

    • Customizable dashboards and graphical reports
    • Revenue recognized, on-hold, and scheduled for release can be reported in aggregate, over time (month by month)
    • Break down revenue information by data elements such as business unit, product, and customer
    • Identify and monitor expected recognition of revenue at risk
    • Immediately review revenue impacts from percent complete values

Unrivalled Compliance and Audit Support.

    • Systematized revenue controls with continuous updates and documentation
    • Easy access to revenue compliant data and internal control documentation
    • Review the entire revenue process from initial quote, contract, or order all the way to final reporting
    • Conduct detailed analysis on multiple levels: business unit, product line, market segment, contract type, account, and more
    • Data is presented according to your company’s revenue policy

Easily manage all of your revenue recognition needs

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