Order Management Solutions

Effective Order Management is Just a Click Away.

Fully and effectively automating your order management process can be a challenge. SOFTRAX cuts the complexity by bringing together all of the necessary business components and data in a single order management application.

Our “set and forget” design ensures order information is accurately captured, then uses this data to manage downstream billing, contract and renewal management, and revenue recognition processing.


Manage Sales Contracts and Orders from End to End.

    • Full support for manual and automatic order generation
    • Automatically handle full and partial back-orders, customer holds
    • Automate billing and revenue recognition functions
    • Easily capture critical installation and business information
    • Fully integrated with accounts and receivable functions

Quickly Set Up Complex Offerings, Programs, and Packaged Assemblies.

    • Easily create bundles from individual SKUs with drag-and-drop
    • Combine standard and virtual components (licenses, maintenance items)
    • Define revenue and cost recognition for entire bundles or individual components
    • Calculate pricing based on user options
    • Change configurations even at order processing

Define and Manage Your Pricing.

    • Establish customer-specific pricing tables
    • Create pricing based on line item attributes, including license types, number of users, and quantity
    • Establish special pricing for pre-defined time periods
    • Define multiple discount levels for SKUs, customers, and customer types
    • Set up future pricing for upgrades and maintenance
    • Create renewal schedules linked to contractual pricing tables

Easily Handle Even Complex Orders.

    • Track multiple orders under the same master agreement or contract
    • Easily create a corporate hierarchy to distribute products purchased on a single order
    • Define individual revenue recognition rules for each line item
    • Manage complex delivery, shipping requirements

Control Your Operations with Improved Reporting.

    • Convenient access to sales summaries, analyses, and order details
    • Quickly understand where and how products are being sold
    • Easy visibility into support and licensing terms
    • Track upgrade histories and user licenses by location to find upsell and cross-sell opportunities
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