Facing revenue recognition, reporting, or other accounting challenges as a result of growth or acquisition? Are you prepared for the new revenue reporting standard? Ready to move to your solution to the cloud or embrace other new business models, but unsure how to prepare your organization for the transition?

With new revenue recognition guidance and a growing shift to subscription-based products and services, the complexities companies must be prepared to address is rapidly increasing. To succeed in this environment, businesses need to be able to adapt systems and processes to emerging needs.

Handled well, this transition can streamline operations and unlock new competitive edges. Handled poorly, it will lead to lost productivity, lost revenue, and ultimately, lost market share. 

Benefit from a Unique Combination of Accounting Expertise and Deployment Experience. 

For over 15 years, SOFTRAX has helped companies of all sizes navigate regulatory shifts and tackle their most challenging revenue management and automation issues. With experience covering all major industries and over 500 successful deployments to date, we're ideally positioned to help your enterprise prepare for what's ahead. 

Our consulting services are offered in collaboration with respected accounting expert and Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF) member Tony Sondhi, one of the leading authorities on US and international (IFRS) revenue recognition and financial reporting issues. Together, we can review your systems, processes, and offerings to identify potential challenges and liabilities -- and develop the solutions that will lay the groundwork for your long-term success.  


About AC Sondhi & Associates

tony headshotAshwinpaul (Tony) C. Sondhi is currently a member of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)'s Emerging Issues Task Force, its Agenda Committee, its 2009 Working Group on EITF 09-3 (SOP 97-2), its 2009 Disclosure Working Group on EITF 08-1, and its 2008 Working Group on EITF 08-1. He is also a member of the Investor Advisory Group of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), and the current chairman of the Corporate Disclosure Policy Council of the CFA Institute. In addition, he was the Spring 2012 Henry Kaufman Visiting Professor of Financial History at Yeshiva University. 

Mr. Sondhi served as a member of the 2008 Expert Advisory Panel on Fair Value of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). He has been a member of the Global Financial Reporting Advocacy Committee of the CFA Institute; the Accounting Standards Executive Committee (AcSEC) of the AICPA and the Planning Subcommittee of the AcSEC; the Financial Accounting Policy Committee of the CFA Institute; the FASB Task Force on Accounting for Impairments of Long-lived Assets; and the Statement of Cash Flows Steering Committee of the International Accounting Standards Committee. Mr. Sondhi was also an advisor to the FASB on its project comparing US and International Financial Reporting Standards.

Mr. Sondhi is a co-author of the 2006 - 2009 editions of the CCH Revenue Recognition Guide, and The Analysis and Use of Financial Statements, Third Edition, which was a recommended text for the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) program. Mr. Sondhi has also edited Credit Analysis of Nontraditional Debt Securities, co-authored Impairments and Write-offs of Long-Lived Assets, and co-edited CFA Readings in Financial Statement Analysis, and Off-Balance Sheet Financing Techniques.

Mr. Sondhi serves on the Board of Directors of an investment advisory services firm. He is also an advisor to several US and foreign companies. His consulting activities include revenue recognition practices in the software and contracting industries, revenue arrangements with multiple deliverables, consolidation policy issues related to variable interest entities, financial reporting requirements for foreign operations, securitizations and transfers of financial assets, credit analysis, and the analysis of company-wide financial reporting decisions. Mr. Sondhi has also served as an expert witness on many financial reporting issues.


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