Billing Solutions

The Comprehensive Solution for Enterprise Billing Challenges.


There are many factors that drive businesses to embrace recurring revenue. But a migration to subscription-based offerings can’t happen overnight – to handle the transition, companies need a billing solution that provides powerful transactional and recurring processing.

SOFTRAX can offer the best of both worlds. Our billing solutions integrate customer and order management, contract information, and revenue recognition, delivering strong and flexible automation tools that streamline your most important financial processes.

Automate Your Billing Process.

    • Completely automate multiple billing methods
    • Easily transition from transaction-based to recurring revenue offerings -- or keep supporting legacy customers
    • Integrate your billing with contract management, price book, and core revenue management capabilities
    • Keep billing activity synchronized with contract changes and amendments
    • Automatically generate simple and complex billing schedules
    • Setup schedules and milestone invoices across the life of a contract
    • Easily handle multifaceted billing scenarios

Tailor Your Billing to Your Customers.

    • Choose from a variety of customizable formats for bill presentation
    • Include one-time, perpetual, and renewable services as well as recurring charges in the same billing cycle
    • Consolidate multiple recurring items into a single bill
    • Automatically split bills across multiple bill-to addresses
    • Manage, apply, and cancel prepayments to customer contracts, contract items

Manage Your Milestone Billing.

    • Create tailor-made billing schedules for your orders and contracts
    • Define dates and amounts
    • Delay invoices until certain dates or events occur
    • Control when and where to recognize revenue from each invoice
    • Ship, invoice, and recognize revenue in any sequence according to billing situation

Integrate Sophisticated Pricing.

    • Easy creation and management for pricing models
    • Set up and apply tiered volume discounts
    • Support variable pricing bands over contract lifetimes
    • Control discount activity on individual services

Get Powerful, Automatic Revenue Recognition.

    • Reconcile billing activity with revenue
    • Separate billing and revenue schedules
    • Apply distinct revenue guidelines to each billing method
    • Automate even complex revenue and deferred revenue calculations
    • Support compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC, and FASB requirements

Enjoy Better Insight Into Your Billing Process.

    • Create accurate, timely reports and forecasts of cash flow, revenue recognition
    • View detailed audit trails
    • See how time-dependent pricing affects future account profitability
    • Instantly drill down for details on individual products, customers, and installations


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