Automate your revenue recognition to save time and money!

Upgrade your company’s manual processes and systems with our purpose-built revenue recognition automation application. Watch the product tour now, or access from your email later to discover why Revenue Manager is the leading revenue recognition software on the market.

The Product Video Covers:

  • Revenue Manager's standalone selling price calculator

  • Revenue allocation and carves

  • Revenue amortization schedules and templates

  • Reporting for analytics, accounting and management

  • Dashboards and reports in support of executive, operational, and audit requirements

ASC 606 Revenue Recognition Has Never Been Easier

SOFTRAX is the market-leading provider of revenue recognition software solutions. ASC 606 has put a strain on many companies’ back office processes, and in many cases the new revenue recognition requirements have proven complicated and labor-intensive.

SOFTRAX Revenue Manager is a powerful revenue recognition automation tool for enterprise-level companies across all industries. With Revenue Manager, financial executives have

There is no better ASC 606 automation software solution, deferred revenue software module, or complex revenue recognition software module available on the market today.  Watch our product video above now and let the experts at Softrax help your company overcome the challenges of ASC 606 and IFRS 15.

Automate Complex Billing, Contract Management, and Revenue Accounting with One Solution.

The real key to implementing a sophisticated billing solution is how tightly integrated it is with the current terms of your customer agreements. Contracts are the source for all the terms that govern how you bill your customers, track expenses and how you recognize the revenue you’ve earned.

SOFTRAX was specifically designed to seamlessly integrate robust billing functionality with in-depth information about contracts and related records. This ensures your billing activity is always synchronized with the latest changes and amendments to a contract’s key elements. SOFTRAX automatically generates billing schedules and manages transactions over the life of a customer relationship. SOFTRAX also handles miscellaneous charges and contract changes that occur during a billing cycle with ease, and creates associated matching expenses, such as royalties, commissions, and unit costs to these items.

Revenue Recognition Manager

Comply with accounting regulations with Softrax leading automation software!

highly complex revenue recognition regulations and gain the ability to fully manage complex allocations, deferred revenue, time value of money, fair value determination, and more.

By implementing Softrax revenue subledger you can streamline every aspect of the revenue recognition process which will save you time and resources, improve efficiency and accuracy of revenue reports, reduce operating expenses,  and gain unprecedented visibility into business performance.

Optimize Renewals Throughout the Revenue Cycle.

    • Customize renewal rules using a broad range of criteria — date, product, location, customer, and more
    • Automate pricing based on contract terms and coverage dates
    • Capture all maintenance information at order entry — no downstream reentry needed
    • Automatically create revenue schedules, renewal notices, invoices
    • Deferred revenue automatically posts to the general ledger each month

Identify Upsell and Renewal Opportunities.

    • See when a contract is up for renewal — and what was previously negotiated around that contract
    • Create renewals using detailed account information, including multiple bill-to addresses and company hierarchy
    • Automatically incorporate changes to the invoice into all appropriate general ledger accounts

Streamline Renewals for Customers.

    • Easily send pro-forma invoices — early negotiations mean effective upselling
    • Renewals always include current contract terms, including pre-negotiated changes in pricing and discounting
    • Consolidate multiple renewal notices and simplify renewals with automated co-termination
    • Maintain global maintenance contracts for multinational companies with international business units

Integrate Contract Data With Your Accounting Processes.

    • Simplify administration and accounting for multi-element contracts
    • Facilitate complex billing
    • Support compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC and FASB guidelines

Put an End to Revenue Leaks With Better Visibility.

    • Quickly get data needed for timely renewals and maximize your uptick potential
    • Instantly access detailed historical and future views of deferred and recognized revenue streams
    • Improved insight into renewal revenue: follow new dollars added, churn, and total renewal base
    • Track the status of each renewal as it moves through the process