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The Costs of Revenue Recognition
As revenue recognition accounting changes, companies are spending more time and money to keep up. This is particularly true for software companies. AICPA Statement of Position 97-2, Software Revenue Recognition, was issued in an era when software... + read more

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Seismic Shift in SOP 97-2 - New ASU 2009-14 (EITF 09-3)
ASU 2009-14 (formerly known as EITF 09-3) tackles a hotly debated item: Should the existence of a software component in a tangible product trigger the application of software ... + read more

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EITF 00-21 Replaced – New ASU 2009-13 (EITF 08-1) Allows for Estimated Selling Price
Accounting Standards Update ASU 2009-13 (formerly known as EITF 08-1) introduces a “selling price” hierarchy for multiple-deliverable arrangements and for the first time allows ... + read more

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EITF 08-9: Milestone Method of Revenue Recognition
On April 7, 2009 the EITF published a draft abstract of EITF 08-9, "Milestone Method of Revenue Recognition." If approved, EITF 08-9 will introduce a new method of revenue recognition ... + read more

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Synopsis of FASB & IASB Preliminary Views on Revenue Recognition
After more than six years of deliberation, the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board have published their preliminary views on a new model ... + read more

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Revenue Recognition: an IFRS "Hot Spot"
This article outlines the key differences in the standards and provides a step-by-step approach to managing change as the fundamentals regarding revenue recognition and reporting ... + read more



Automating Revenue Processes to Integrate Acquisitions
When Accellos was launched by the merger of two acquisitions, the finance team had only weeks to deliver a financial infrastructure that could manage all aspects of their complex ... + read more


Best Practices in Billing & Revenue Recognition for Software Companies
Companies across the software industry are under increasing pressure to maximize revenue and reduce operating costs, while optimizing business performance. + view now


Coordinating Complex Billing and Revenue Recognition
Managing rapid growth, complicated pricing, and changes to their business model required this mobile messaging provider to eliminate manual accounting processes. The deployment ...+ read more


Scaling Up With a Subscription Licensing Model
When the products of this auto insurance solutions provider really took off, they left the company’s primary accounting tools in the dust. With a subscription-based business model...+ read more


Preparing Revenue Processes for Going Public
A very fast-growing private company, on its way to becoming a fast-growing public company, had to rethink and rebuild its financial systems to keep pace with the business. Spreadsheets and ...+ read more


Best Practices for Complex Billing and Revenue Recognition
Michael Allpass, Vice President Finance at Air2Web, the leading provider of mobile messaging and marketing applications for enterprises and carriers, presents a webcast...+ view now


Automating Deferred Revenue to Increase Productivity
Taxware (now ADP Taxware) selected Softrax to centralize and manage customer installation data and to automate maintenance renewals and billings. Taxware turned to Softrax ... + read more


Implementing Tighter Controls for Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
Tumbleweed’s financial infrastructure comprised two enterprise systems and more than a dozen spreadsheets. As a result, reconciling financial transactions required ...+ read more


Integrating disparate financial systems with ERP
Harland Financial Solutions needed to replace the collection of accounting systems owned by their many subsidiaries with one, consistent system that could manage billing ...+ read more


Streamlining financial processes across multiple acquisitions
Over the years this municipal solutions provider acquired ten companies and ten different customer databases. As a result, accounting and finance processes became highly fragmented. + read more


Automating software and service revenue reporting in one system
When this software developer acquired a services company, they needed new tools and accounting systems to help merge and manage the two businesses. Softrax provided ...+ read more


Best Practices for Information Services Companies - Complex Billing and Revenue Recognition
Jon Greifenkamp, Vice President, Finance, Solucient (acquired by Thomson Corporation 10/2006), the leading provider of business intelligence to the healthcare ...+ view now


Automating accounting to improve billing, renewals and channel performance
Actify selected Softrax to centralize and automate a complex accounting function involving resellers worldwide. Actify also employs Softrax to drive maintenance renewal revenue directly ...+ read more


Establishing financial transparency and accuracy for acquisition
This retail solutions vendor was able to meet all of its business requirements for a new accounting infrastructure by implementing Softrax and Softrax PSA. The result was ...+ read more


Replacing a monolithic financials system to improve flexibility and control
Replacing an enterprise financials system with Softrax provided LogicVision with immediate cost savings and rapid return on investment. In addition, key financial data flows were streamlined, ...+ read more


Upgrading the financial infrastructure to support rapid growth
Sustaining rapid growth required that Framework (prior to being acquired by Centric Software) quickly establish efficient processes across the company, including finance. They selected...+ read more


Establishing enterprise revenue processes to support M&A and compliance
Strategic acquisitions and global operations at Vastera (prior to being acquired by JP Morgan) demand that financial processes be highly efficient and easily transferred to new ...+ read more


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NEW!—Insights on Revenue Recognition
Grant Thornton LLP’s newly updated Insights on revenue recognition: Navigating the maze of authoritative literature is a practical, plain-English resource to help you make the right choices when considering the highly complicated matter of revenue recognition... + read more 

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A New Model for Revenue Recognition recently surveyed senior financial executives from 515 companies about the FASB/IASB proposal for a new revenue recognition model. The ... + read more

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Risk and Complexity in Revenue Reporting under US and International Standards
A survey of 652 businesses in the US and 34 other countries found that risk and complexity in revenue reporting processes are similarly high irrespective of... + read more

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Laying the foundation for automating revenue accounting
This white paper from BearingPoint and Softrax explains why companies should automate their revenue processes, and how to successfully manage each phase of the implementation process ...+ read more 

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What’s the Big Deal about VSOE?
It’s the leading cause of revenue restatements, a destroyer of stock market listings, accounting’s equivalent of quantum mechanics and string theory: it’s Vendor Specific Objective ...+ read more

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Fundamentals in Software Revenue Recognition
Determining the right accounting literature to apply is not always as easy as it may seem. Software revenue recognition is complex – it often differs from customer to customer and ...+ read more

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Best Practices in Revenue Reporting
A July survey of 578 business leaders by in association with IDC found that 57% of public companies cannot finalize their revenue numbers within their monthly ...+ read more

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SOP 97-2: Current Issues in VSOE Accounting
This technical presentation from A.C. Sondhi, a member of FASB’s Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF) presents an insider’s guidance on a range of current VSOE accounting issues. + read more

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Risks in Revenue Reporting
A June 2008 survey of 586 business leaders by in association with IDC found that 34% of responding companies were in the High Risk category for errors ...+ read more

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Enterprise Systems and Revenue Recognition: The Missing Link in association with IDC, present the findings from a survey of 685 business leaders about the need for improvements in their finance processes. + read more

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Sarbanes-Oxley and Revenue Recognition Practices in association with IDC, present the findings from a survey of 400 business leaders on the impact of Sarbanes-Oxley on revenue recognition practices. + read more

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EITF 00-21: Revenue Arrangements with Multiple Deliverables
This white paper presents insights from A.C. Sondhi, a member of FASB's Emerging Issues Task Force, on the impact of EITF 00-21. + read more

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Roadmap to the Revenue Compliant Enterprise