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Epicor Software Corporation

At roughly $1 billion in revenue, Epicor Software Corporation is one of the world’s leading providers of industry-specific business software that gathers, stores, manages, and shares information for customers in manufacturing, distribution, retail, building supply, and automotive organizations. Epicor solutions offer deep industry expertise earned over nearly 50 years of working hand-in-hand with customers to curate innovative solutions to fit their unique business needs. Over 20,000 customers in 150 countries around the world rely on Epicor solutions to help improve performance and profitability.

Epicor wanted to evolve back-office processes and systems to ensure the highest state of automation possible. Due in large part to the quality of its offerings, Epicor is a high volume of transaction business. To further the challenge, Epicor also needed the flexibility and adaptability of the solution to remain effective and stable during a period of rapid evolution and business growth.

Epicor found the solution in the SOFTRAX system, which augments the use of Epicor’s ERP suite with the revenue management functions of SOFTRAX for internal and external customers. Epicor leverages SOFTRAX solutions to help manage the renewal and billing of its maintenance contracts, the billing of its subscription fees, and the recognition of revenue for these billings.

“Upon my joining Epicor, I was originally skeptical of the SOFTRAX solution. But as I came to understand its capabilities, I discovered that we were substantially underutilizing the software. The main reasons for this were the tendency to maintain a myriad of legacy processing practices that limited our ability to cash in on automation efficiency. Through an outstanding collaborative effort with the SOFTRAX team, we improved SOFTRAX features and functionality that will help Epicor grow and scale its install base and recurring billing.”
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Fabian Dohmes
VP of Finance Operations

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