The Consolidating Software Industry: Unique Insights About 2005, What Lies Ahead, and How to Better Your Odds for a Successful Exit

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Featured speaker, Ken Bender, Managing Director of Software Equity Group, one of the nation’s leading software industry boutique investment banks, provides unique and valuable insight into the rapidly changing software industry M&A landscape, including:

  • Today’s buyers: A very different mix, with changed priorities and deal parameters
  • Valuations: Huge variances, driven by software product category, revenue and revenue model
  • Today’s Deal Structure: What’s the mix of cash, stock, earnouts and escrows?
  • Technology platforms (.net, JAVA, open source, etc.) and how do they impact your odds?
  • For every software company that exited, it’s estimated five aspired to sell, but couldn’t. What are the keys to success in today’s changed environment?
  • What lies ahead?

This webcast was conducted live on 2/16/06 and can be viewed on demand anytime.