Case Study

Streamlining Financial Processes Across Multiple Acquisitions

Over the years this municipal solutions provider acquired ten companies and ten different customer databases. As a result, accounting and finance processes became highly fragmented. Capturing 100% of their maintenance renewal and services revenue was nearly impossible. The company selected SOFTRAX to create an enterprise system to consolidate its account information and as a result, increased service realization and renewal rates dramatically.

This municipal solutions provider was in an enviable business position, with a large recurring maintenance revenue stream and a record of consistent profitability. However, after ten acquisitions, it had never established a common account database.

The company had outgrown its existing systems and now required a solution that was optimized for their business.

“SOFTRAX has enabled much tighter financial controls across all of our operations and a more enlightened understanding of customer and line-of-business profitability.”

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