Software Revenue Recognition – SOP 97-2 and SOP 98-9: The Beginning of the End? (Part 2)

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Renowned revenue recognition expert Tony Sondhi discusses the critical issues and implementation challenges facing companies as they prepare to adopt these new standards.

Adoption and Implementation Issues:

  • EITF 09-03 – Does it apply?
  • EITF 08-01 – How does it interact with EITF 09-3?
  • Internal Control issues and Reporting Risks
  • The FASB/IASB Revenue Recognition Project

This webcast was conducted live on Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010, and can be viewed on demand anytime.

A Note on CPE Credit: this recorded event makes reference to CPE credits, which were offered to attendees of the original live event. No CPE credit is offered for viewing of on-demand events.