Software M&A: The Year in Review, The Year Ahead

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Ken Bender, founder and Managing Director of Software Equity Group, provides a valuable recap on the software M&A trends in 2007 as well as gives some insight into what lies ahead in the software industry for 2008.

  • Software LBO fadeout: Will strategic acquirers take up the slack or will deal volume plummet?
  • Will the bloom come off the SaaS rose in 2008? When will the model boost profits?
  • Security, Storage Management, CRM, Supply Chain: what categories will lead, and trail, in 2008?
  • Will vertical market software companies remain in demand?
  • How will investor confidence and market conditions in 2008 affect the software IPO pipeline?

This webcast was conducted live on 1/30/08 and can be viewed on demand anytime.