Software M&A: How the Rules Have Changed

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Ken Bender, founder and Managing Director of Software Equity Group, provides an insightful recap on the software M&A trends in 2008, as well as valuable insight into what lies ahead in the software industry for 2009.

The Year that Was – the Year Ahead

  • How has the economic downturn impacted public software company financial performance?
  • What is the current state of software M&A? What’s happened to deal volume and exit valuations?
  • What lies ahead for software M&A in 2009? Is there a silver lining the current economic storm?
  • How does a software company like mine survive in tough times?
  • My exit strategy was clear – are there still opportunities out there? And what do I need to be doing now to preserve a solid exit 3-5 years from now?

This webcast was conducted live on 1/29/09 and can be viewed on demand anytime.