Revenue Recognition Implementation Success

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Webinar Replay: Recorded 5.24.17

Revenue Recognition Implementation Success

Although the new revenue recognition standard requirements don’t take effect for many companies until 2018, that doesn’t mean companies can wait until the end of next year to deal with them. Public companies with a calendar-year-end have less than 8 months to prepare for all aspects of the new standard. The new revenue recognition guidelines will have enterprise-wide impacts that affect core business functions and their associated systems and data. In order to comply, companies will likely need to update systems, processes, and controls. Leaving companies with a lot of work ahead to get their systems up to date, and many will struggle to adopt on time. In order to meet the deadline, companies will need to begin implementing an adoption method.

While many companies have yet to take action, there are others that have.  As the countdown continues and the effective date draws near,  watch Shauna Watson, Tony Sondhi, and Paul Schumacher as they discuss best practices on how to best tackle the new rules and ensure a successful implementation.

In this webinar the panelists will discuss:

  • Lessons learned from early adopters who have started ASC 606 & IFRS 15 preparations.
  • Major complexities that companies may face when adopting the new standard.
  • The importance of compliance, and suggested next steps for timely and effective transition.

Hosted By

Tony Sondhi
A.C. Sondhi & Associates

Shauna Watson
Global Managing Director

Paul Schumacher
Associate Director, Research and Analysis