Case Study

iPhrase: Eliminating Spreadsheets and Achieving Exponential Growth

Planning for growth meant moving from the financial tools that got them started to a scalable infrastructure that would eliminate spreadsheets for deferred revenue, maintenance renewals, and provide better business insights. After looking at leading accounting software packages, iPhrase selected SOFTRAX because it automates critical revenue management processes in addition to the entire accounting function.

iPhrase was expecting to grow. When it was first looking for a solution, there were only a few customers, but the pipeline was filling rapidly and with major accounts, so there was an immediate need to implement robust financial management processes and infrastructure.

With numerous types of licenses and a variety of additional modules, each customer relationship was unique and had different pricing, maintenance expiration dates, and support requirements. Therefore, iPhrase was looking for more than a plain vanilla accounting solution. Not only did the company need a scalable platform, but one that would alleviate the pain of using spreadsheets for deferred revenue, maintenance renewals, and installation tracking.

“We grew from a few to more than 100 customers in two years. So we really did need a platform to scale with the business and SOFTRAX turned out to be a smart investment.”
Steve Wietrecki

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