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Improving Billing and Revenue Management: A Guide to Getting Off Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet applications like Excel and its many imitators are invaluable in the business world. Their robust features allow businesspeople to perform numerical operations and analyses with a level of efficiency that would have been inconceivable in an earlier era. But even spreadsheets have their limits. When efficiency and accuracy are top priorities, identifying the right tool for the job is an absolute necessity in business. When companies continue to use spreadsheets and other non-specialized tools for managing their revenue and performing complex billing functions, despite reaching sizes and levels of complexity that make that approach impractical, are they using the right tool for the job?

In this white paper, we’ll explore why some companies continue to use spreadsheet-based, makeshift accounting systems despite their complex needs for billing and revenue recognition. We’ll discuss the pain points that emerge with using such a system and discuss the pros and cons of the various alternatives available. Finally, we’ll arrive at the conclusion that an ideal solution is a billing and revenue management system designed to handle the accounting challenges of companies with complex revenue streams and billing requirements.

Download the full white paper to read how to improve your billing and revenue management by getting off of spreadsheets.

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