Case Study

Implementing Tighter Controls for Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Tumbleweed’s financial infrastructure comprised two enterprise systems and more than a dozen spreadsheets. As a result, reconciling financial transactions required a great deal of manual intervention, introducing delays and potential inaccuracies in the reporting process. Then a new CFO brought in SOFTRAX to provide better controls, visibility, and flexibility.

Tumbleweed sells its solutions using perpetual software licenses with support and maintenance contracts. In addition, it provides a dynamic anti-spam service that delivers updates nearly every hour, which is sold as a subscription. As a result, there are multiple revenue streams with different recognition rules applied to each. But, Tumbleweed’s financial data was fragmented across enterprise systems and more than a dozen spreadsheets in different departments.

Tumbleweed needed to consolidate its financial data and streamline its processes across the entire revenue cycle. The lack of a unified financial repository made the processes for deferred revenue, maintenance renewals, contract management, revenue recognition, reporting, and forecasting extremely inefficient.

“SOFTRAX automated our manual processes, allowed us to capture the granularity we require with respect to reporting, and put the requisite controls in place for revenue recognition compliance.”
Tim Conley

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