Harland Financial Solutions

Harland Financial Solutions needed to replace the collection of accounting
systems owned by their many subsidiaries with one, consistent system that could
manage billing renewals and deferred revenue. They selected SOFTRAX to
automate these complex accounting functions. The results have included
significant productivity gains, easier audits and high levels of confidence in the

Harland Financial Solutions was created through the acquisition of a number of
small to mid-sized technology companies serving various sectors in financial
services markets. Each of the eight subsidiaries within this new division had
developed their own systems and tools for managing the complex accounting
requirements particular to software companies. Spreadsheets flourished to
calculate and track information. Manual journal entries were the norm.
Confidence in the accuracy of these processes and systems was low enough to
cause checking and re-checking at every close.

The company considered a number of alternatives before making a choice. Their IS group conducted a search for comparable products, but found nothing as appropriate as SOFTRAX.

“Our audit process now is much easier. In the past the auditors looked at our spreadsheets and questioned them. Now they look at the Softrax reports and accept them as fact.”
Jim Crough
Vice President of Finance

Download the full Harland Financial Solutions Case Study to better understand the challenges facing they faced and how SOFTRAX helped provide solutions that brought efficiency and automation to their organization.

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