November 16, 2023: Generative AI Will Be A Game-Changer, Is Your Back Office Ready?

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Webinar Replay: Recorded 11.16.23

Generative AI will be a game-changer, is your back office ready?

Generative AI, or artificial intelligence, produces new output, such as text, photos, videos, code, data, or 3D renderings from the data on which it is trained. This new way to create information has the potential to transform businesses. There is much hype around what generative AI could do for the back office, including complex revenue accounting processes. In theory, and by its nature, generative AI should be able to cut through complexities of operational work, including adhering to compliance standards. But, to put it mildly, the relationship between the back-office and AI is “complicated.”

In this webinar, SOFTRAX discussed exactly why generative AI will be such a game changer, why most companies are unprepared to take full advantage of this technology, and steps they can take to prepare themselves.

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Tom Zauli
Sr Vice President & GM


Kelly Brown
Solution Consultant, CPA