Case Study

Coordinating Complex Billing and Revenue Recognition

Managing rapid growth, complicated pricing, and changes to their business model required Air2Web to eliminate manual accounting processes. The deployment of a SOFTRAX solution has reduced their billing time from two weeks to two days, improved their cash flows and the accuracy of their revenue processes, freed personnel to spend time on more meaningful activities, prepared them to incorporate a new acquisition and enabled them to scale without additional personnel.

Air2Web is a dynamic, high-growth company that experienced many of the challenges to their financial operations that inevitably accompany success.

Air2Web had a production metering system for their messaging businesses and was standardized on a general ledger. They needed a compatible system in the middle to streamline all of their back office accounting processes. That meant finding a solution able to completely automate their complex billing and revenue recognition, ensure the accuracy and auditability of their revenue numbers and improve cash flows.

“With manual processes, our revenue accounts were challenging to reconcile. With SOFTRAX there’s a transparent flow of revenue from the contract to the ledger.”
Mike Allpass
Vice President Finance/Controller

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