Best Practices for Information Services Companies: Complex Billing and Revenue Recognition

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Jon Greifenkamp, Vice President, Finance, Solucient, the leading provider of business intelligence, services and solutions to the healthcare industry, discusses Solucient’s M&A history, the resulting inefficiencies, and how they turned “chaos” into order, to create a financial infrastructure that can handle the rigorous requirements of a growth-oriented information services organization.

Case in Point – Solucient
Demands of Innovation and Growth

  • Consolidate and automate financial processes
  • Automate complex billing
  • Manage mergers and acquisitions
  • Eliminate spreadsheet accounting
  • Deliver insight into the customer base
  • Improve reporting and forecasting

SOFTRAX Revenue Management Solution

  • Revenue recognition and deferral integral to your financial system
  • Complex billing based upon infinite variable price points and invoice requirements
  • Contract and order management in one central location
  • Maintenance/service agreement renewals to capture every cent from your customer base

This Webcast was conducted live on 1/24/06 and can be viewed on demand anytime.