Case Study

Aperture: Moving Beyond Proprietary Systems

When Aperture decided to upgrade their financial infrastructure, they selected SOFTRAX to manage key maintenance renewal processes, deferred revenue accounting, and reporting for professional services. Today the company’s system handles these critical processes with high degrees of accuracy and integrity, and provides robust financial information for business analyses.

Aperture’s accounting challenges were typical of a rapidly growing software company. When Bruce Martin, Director of Financial Systems, was brought in, it was with the long-term plan of improving Aperture’s financial systems as the company grew. Under Martin’s management, the company first purchased a general-purpose accounting system. Simultaneously, they created a proprietary system to handle order processing, maintenance renewals and deferred revenue.

Aperture was looking for solutions to automate all of the functions previously managed by their proprietary system. Specifically, they required a solution that would control the maintenance renewal process, putting in place checks and balances to ensure that revenue from this critical source didn’t slip unnoticed through the cracks. They needed an automatic, transparent system for handling deferred revenue accurately so they would never have to worry about inconsistencies in an audit.

“SOFTRAX has allowed us to undertake very granular analyses of profitability by revenue center, customer, product, and project. There’s a lot of power in this information.”
Bruce Martin
Director of Financial Systems

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