Actify: Managing channel performance

Actify Incorporated selected SOFTRAX to centralize and automate a complex accounting function involving resellers worldwide. Actify also employs SOFTRAX to drive maintenance renewal revenue directly from the finance department, and to provide business analyses for improved product and channel performance.

Actify was rapidly outgrowing its accounting tools. It needed to consolidate customer data, automate accounting functions and manage the task of providing accurate invoices to resellers in many different countries. The company had price books in Euros, price books in dollars, and discount schedules specific to each reseller. This created a significant challenge for SOP 97-2 accounting, specifically with respect to vendor specified objective evidence (VSOE.) Actify also wanted to improve its ability to support partners with accurate installed base and billing information. 

In this case study, we cover:

  • Creating a single, auditable repository for all customer, product and financial data
  • Automating processes for invoicing resellers in multiple countries and currencies
  • Automating maintenance renewals
  • Increasing revenue and improving cash flows
  • Gaining insight into reseller effectiveness
  • Enhancing product and sales analysis for strategic planning
"The strength of SOFTRAX for our business lies in the VSOE pricing, the installation database and managing the renewal process. It’s helping drive our business significantly."
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Jay Fife

Download the full Actify Case Study to better understand their challenges and how SOFTRAX helped provide solutions that brought efficiency and automation to their organization.

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