When Accellos was launched by the merger of two acquisitions, the finance team
had only weeks to deliver a financial infrastructure. They needed to manage all
aspects of their complex revenue process in a single system, including the deferred
revenue requirements of a software and services company. SOFTRAX automated the
entire revenue cycle and provided an infrastructure that will easily integrate future

Accellos wanted a financial system that would not only handle standard
accounting functions well, but also integrate and automate the accounting
operations that can be especially challenging for software companies.

The SOFTRAX solution provides a central repository for all customer information and automates billing, renewals, revenue management and all GL functions. It also includes fully-integrated professional services automation with engagement and expense tracking.

"SOFTRAX gives us great flexibility in setting up bills, creating unbilled accounts receivable and even recognizing the revenue before we invoice the customer."
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Sheila Geffre

Download the full Accellos Case Study to better understand the challenges facing Accellos and how SOFTRAX helped provide solutions that brought efficiency and automation to their organization.

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