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A Guide to ERP Augmentation for Improved Billing and Revenue Recognition

If revenue management hasn’t yet become a challenge using your company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, there’s a good chance it will. Chief financial officers, accounting managers, and finance directors in a wide range of industries have already begun to realize their ERP systems are, on their own, simply not up to the task of navigating through the perfect storm brought on by major changes to their companies’ business models (due in part to migration to subscription-based business models), new and coming changes in regulation, and increased focus by auditors on accurate financial reporting. This explosion in change has gone beyond the capacity of any single ERP vendor to keep pace and has caused the need for specialization.

But, is the classic ERP system a lost cause? Is it a relic of another era? Most financial professionals hope not, but there are certainly those out there already heralding the “death of ERP.” Without a way to fill the billing and revenue recognition gaps caused by recent disruptions in the business landscape, it can certainly seem the continued investment in ERP software is an investment in an outmoded way of doing things.

This paper is for financial professionals who believe their ERP systems are too valuable and too critical to their businesses to tolerate the painful risk and disruption that a “rip-and-replace” strategy would bring. If this is you, we have good news and bad news. The bad news is what you have long suspected is true; off the shelf, your ERP package is no longer up to the challenge of performing complex revenue management in the modern marketplace. The good news is it doesn’t mean it’s time to do away with your ERP altogether.

Download our white paper to find the right augmentation strategy that will allow your company to continue to benefit from the many advantages of your existing enterprise resource planning software while improving the accuracy, compliance, and auditability of your key revenue management processes.

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