Manage Your Professional Services Organization Like a Profitable Consulting Practice with PSA Software.

The SOFTRAX SA Integration Toolkit provides flexible, fully integrated control over your professional services resources. We have partnered with Changepoint in order to automate critical business processes and enhances delivery of professional services from contract to invoice.

Track time and expenses more completely. Deploy resources and manage projects more effectively. Generate services invoices more promptly and accurately. With our integrated architecture, SOFTRAX and Changepoint are automating order capture, billing, fulfillment, and revenue recognition in the new world of ASC 606 and IFRS 15.


Automate the Complexity.

ASC 606 brings new processing challenges. For example:

  • Revenue recognition is no longer triggered from the billing event.
  • Organizations that sell multi-element arrangements with discounts, now required to Proportionally Allocate.
  • Proportional allocation requires maintenance of 'Stand-Alone Selling Price' (SSP) for sold products and causes monies to move between line items prior to recognition.

In many cases, this means that services business executives now require assistance from Finance to understand what revenue truly gets recognized, and to understand revenue and margin. Without strong integration between revenue automation and services delivery software, multiple points of data entry may exist throughout the order-to-revenue process. Risk is injected into the process at each data entry point, and reconciliation is difficult as data re-entry becomes more frequent.

Rather than leveraging manual work-arounds, SOFTRAX and Changepoint have integrated our market-leading revenue recognition and services delivery software in order to reduce human effort and streamline processes in an auditable, controlled environment.


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