Automate Complex Billing.

SOFTRAX Operations is an enterprise solution for companies with complex billing and revenue recognition processes. It houses all operational data in one tightly-integrated resource, and automates key accounting workflows throughout the entire revenue cycle.

By consolidating information that would normally be maintained in multiple databases, spreadsheets and even paper files, SOFTRAX Operations creates a robust, fully auditable foundation for compliance with accounting guidelines and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.


Add On Recurring Revenue and Contract Management Support with SOFTRAX Contrax.

Contrax, our billing, contract, and revenue management module, is specially designed for the added complexity that subscription- or usage-based offerings bring to your business processes. Contrax can be easily integrated with Operations to create a comprehensive end-to-end solution capable of supporting any business model.


Your One-Stop Solution for Enterprise Billing and Revenue Management.

Completely Automate Your Billing Processes.

The powerful billing functionality of Operations is highly flexible and comes integrated with contract
management, price books, and core revenue management capabilities. With Operations, you can completely automate activities involving multiple billing methods, scheduling milestone invoices, and generating complex invoices. 


Master Renewal Management and Leverage Repeat Business.

SOFTRAX Operations provides a fully integrated and automated system for managing your existing customer relationships, especially maintenance contracts. Apply customized renewal rules by date, product, location, or customer and Operations will carry out the most critical work for you:

    • Automate pricing based on product-level contractual terms and resetting of contract coverage dates.
    • Support co-terminus with full contract history.
    • Implement multi-dimensional tiered pricing models, including contract maximums.
    • Automatically create revenue schedules.
    • Automatically generate lists of maintenance contracts, licenses, and subscriptions that are up for renewal.
    • Automatically generate pro-forma notices and invoices for renewal programs.
    • Automatic enforce maintenance up-ticks to prevent leakage of revenue.


Easily Handle Your Deferred Revenue.

Operations also automates your deferred revenue calculations, allocating maintenance contract fees, subscriptions, and even individual product component revenue according to whatever logic is 

The result: optimal, fully auditable revenue management processes that support compliance with ASC and IFRS guidance for revenue recognition, including the new ASU 2014-09 guidelines. 

    • Automatically allocate and post subscriptions and maintenance contract revenue, using deferred revenue schedules.
    • Automatically allocate sales revenue among product components based on Vendor Specific Objective Evidence (VSOE) pricing.
    • Enables compliance with ASC and IFRS guidelines like ASC 985-605: Software Revenue Recognition (EITF 09-3, SOP 97-2), ASC 605-35: Construction-Type and Production-Type Contracts (SOP 81-1), ASC 605: Revenue Recogition (SAB Topic 13), ASC 605-25 Multiple Element Arrangements (EITF 08-1), ASC 605-10-S99L Revenue Recognition Overall (SAB 101 & 104), and ASU 2014-09 / ASC 606 / IFRS 15.


Flexibility to Support Any Business Model.

SOFTRAX Operations excels at supporting rapidly evolving business models, with complex billing,
ordering and product configuration. Numerous combinations of billing, fulfillment, and revenue
recognition scenarios are accommodated. The product configuration facility within Operations
also enables the addition, configuration and reconfiguration of products at any time. 

As a business develops and expands, SOFTRAX Operations provides the infrastructure to support
ongoing growth. 

    • Maintain multiple price books.
    • Set up contacts within a multi-dimensional customer hierarchy.
    • Create a broad range of license, subscription and usage-based contracts, support programs, and packaged assemblies. 
    • Customize your invoices by account, location, project completion, and line item. 


More Efficiency, Accountability, and Profitability with Instant Access to Critical Data.

No matter how complex the product and service offerings, SOFTRAX Operations stores and tracks
transactions with ease. 

Capture and access a wide range of customer data, including maintenance and subscription contracts, hardware and software configurations, and customer relationships and hierarchies. Reconcile billing activity with revenue and create accurate reports and forecasts of cash flow and revenue recognition. Then drill down for details on any individual product, customer, or installation with ease and speed.

    • Drill down in an installation to view licensing, pricing, or maintenance detail.
    • Integrated with inventory for instant order status.
    • Access information about customers, status, payment, and order history.
    • Quickly query an entire database to determine upgrade, update, or cross-sell targets.

Enhance Your Business Performance. 

Over the past decade, hundreds of companies have used SOFTRAX Operations improve cash flow, productivity, and transparency, enabling them to manage their businesses more successfully. The benefits of Operations include:

    • Increased customer satisfaction and retention.
    • Maximized repeat and incremental business.
    • Better capture of maintenance and support revenue.
    • Better-informed, faster business decisions.
    • Accurate, auditable financial reporting you can rely on.

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