Instant, Enterprise-Wide Visibility Into Order, Maintenance, Renewal, and Product Information — Anytime, Anywhere.

The SOFTRAX Inform revenue management portal empowers your company to rapidly extend revenue and other operational data throughout the organization. Employees can get a personalized view of the customer base through their browser.

Using Inform, executive teams and departments like sales, finance, marketing, and support can easily and quickly find answers to questions related to renewing contracts, past due invoices, installed product information, and much more.


Rapidly Extend Revenue and Other Operational Data Throughout Your Organization.

Make the Most of Your SOFTRAX Data.

Fast and easy to use, SOFTRAX Inform delivers access to key customer details – such as contracts, orders, invoices, licenses, products, contacts, locations, and maintenance information – and complements other enterprise applications. Users will have instant access to the SOFTRAX data necessary for more productive sales calls, more effective marketing programs, and enhanced customer service.

    • Use hyperlinked customer records to launch a comprehensive “customer snapshot” page that consolidates all critical data – such as customer contacts, orders, invoices, licenses, products, maintenance records, collections, and much more
    • Tailor personalized homepage and data views to each user group’s needs
    • Employ an intuitive, uncomplicated search language for creating powerful ad hoc queries, which then can be saved for repeat use
    • Download search results and page views directly into a spreadsheet with a single click
    • Remotely access key information with multiple layers of security
    • Gain instant browser-based access to a centralized SOFTRAX database


Get Executive Level Summaries for Tactical Decisions. 

SOFTRAX Inform empowers members of the executive team to quickly review aggregate customer data relating to orders, maintenance contracts, and past due invoices. This aggregate information will keep executives in touch with customer base activity and provide data for better-informed day-to-day tactical decisions. 

    • Capture customer aggregate data-based orders, maintenance and invoices past due with numerous search options
    • Enable quick decision-making with installed base information
    • Set up customized executive home pages to “push” critical data out to individual managers


Enable Company-Wide Collections Efforts.  

The collections process is often a company-wide initiative. SOFTRAX Inform makes it possible to effectively distribute key order and invoice information to user groups that interact with your customer base.

A search based on invoice status and aging attributes can be used to rapidly identify outstanding issues. A question like "which customers in my region have invoices greater than 60 days past due?" can be answered via the saved search menu, or a single hyperlink. Invoice aging and collections-related search criteria enable users to create aging reports or collections call lists on the fly. Users can also track and save collections-related communications with bill-to contacts by creating invoice notes.


Empower Customer Support.  

Customer support can be a critical measure of success or failure for any business, but many support systems are hamstrung by the fact that customer representatives do not have timely access to operational data. Inform gives these critical users immediate access to key data for maintenance contracts, customer status, installed product details, and even credit issues. 


Identify Renewal and Sales Opportunities.  

Companies often struggle with the maintenance and administration of contract renewal information.
Complex spreadsheets shared by multiple users often lead to calculation errors and missed revenue
opportunities. SOFTRAX Inform provides account managers and sales reps with access to a centralized database to quickly pinpoint renewal and complementary sales opportunities. Users will easily answer questions like "Which customers are up for renewal this quarter?" "Which customers have expired contracts?" "How many customers in Region [x] have product [y]?"

    • Capitalize on powerful search functionality providing visibility into customer base segments, delivering valuable information for targeted marketing efforts
    • Rapidly identify overlooked and potential revenue opportunities (contract renewals, product add-on sales, upgrades, etc.)


Leverage Cost-Effective Integration.  

Inform’s URL-based architecture allows dynamic links to be created inside other applications (CRM, SFA, Help Desk) that will launch a specific Inform query. This type of linking integration bypasses complex and expensive integration projects without limiting your team's access to critical data. 

Inform also lets administrators embed external links to websites and other applications, which can then launch other browser windows based on a selected customer’s data.


Deploy Enterprise Information Through a Scalable Web-Based Solution.  

Inform is fully web-based, browser-accessible, and has minimal impact on your IT infrastructure. This eliminates the need for install any client-side components, ensuring security and ease of administration while keeping upgrades simple. 

In addition, N-tier technology provides scalability, making Inform a cost-effective solution that maintains functionality and compatibility with other web-based applications. 


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