Transaction, Subscription, and Usage-Based Billing Software.

For over a decade, companies with subscription- and usage-based business models have been relying on SOFTRAX Contrax Recurring Billing for billing, contract administration and revenue management. More than a simple billing solution, Contrax supports multi-tiered pricing, transaction based charging, flexible billing schedules, and automated revenue schedule handling.

In addition to handling complex contract information, Contrax also gives managers critical forecasting capability on company revenue streams.

Integrate with SOFTRAX Operations for End-to-End Billing and Revenue Management.

For customers looking for end-to-end support capable of managing multiple revenue types and business models, SOFTRAX Contrax Recurring Billing integrates directly with SOFTRAX Operations, our billing and revenue management solution. Together, these two products offer the ideal match for companies that are transitioning to recurring revenue while still supporting legacy products and services.  Learn More About SOFTRAX Operations >


Tackle the Challenges of Multiple Revenue Streams.

Comprehensive Contract Management Software.

Sales contracts define the relationship between vendor and customer, creating a foundation for all subsequent billing activities. That's why SOFTRAX Contrax treats each contract as a dynamic relationship with the customer. It supports maintaining in-depth information about contract details and related records, as well as a full audit trail and history of changes to a contract's key elements.

In addition to managing scheduled activity, Contrax seamlessly processes prepayments, miscellaneous charges, and contract changes that occur during a billing cycle. Complex revenue recognition rules are incorporated with detailed charge, billing, and revenue schedules.

    • Streamline contract setup with templates
    • Full support for corporate account hierarchies
    • Manages multi-company and multi-currency environments
    • Administer perpetual, renewable and one-time contracts
    • Automate accounting for miscellaneous charges (cancellations, SLA charges, adjustments)
    • Full audit trail of all customer activity and contract modification
    • Modify and add services throughout contract lifecycle
    • Centralizes critical contract-related information

Automated Subscription, Transaction, and Usage-Based Billing.

Contrax Recurring Billing accommodates the consolidation of charges within a billing cycle. This allows identical recurring charges to be combined with variable charges and presented on the same bill, while still allowing that bill to be split among multiple billing parties.

With Contrax, each service provided to your customers can have a completely different set of attributes, creating organizational flexibility when selling and delivering product. It also provides your customers with a streamlined bill presentation of all services.

    • Consolidate multiple charges into a single bill
    • Manage simple and complex billing schedules
    • Generate multiple, customizable formats for bill presentation
    • Include one-time, perpetual, and renewable services as well as recurring charges in the same billing cycle
    • Convergent billing for multiple types of products and services
    • View detailed audit trails

A Full Range of Revenue Accounting and Management Options.

Contrax delivers revenue management and accounting capabilities that differentiate it from traditional billing solutions. Every service entered into the system generates a unique billing and revenue schedule. This assists compliance with accounting regulations, and provides forecasting visibility of cash flow and revenue.

Contrax also fully automates the generation of revenue journal entries for billing and service activation events.

    • Separate billing and revenue schedules
    • Gain full control of revenue account distribution
    • Easily set up revenue schedules to improve closing auditing activity
    • Track unbilled and invoiced revenue and receivables activity
    • Account for complex adjustments
    • Full auditable for simplified compliance with accounting standards, including SOX 404 and the new ASU 2014-09 / ASC 606 / IFRS 15 guidelines

Support for Sophisticated Pricing Models.

One of the most challenging part of contract management is the need for sophisticated pricing models. Contrax addresses contract-specific pricing, tiered volume discounts and the application of minimums that may vary over a contract's lifecycle. What's more, Contrax greatly enhances visibility into future price changes for complete revenue management and pricing optimization.

Easy Integration With Your Existing Infrastructure.

In many cases, the data needed for effective transaction- and usage-based billing comes from external sources, such as production and metering systems. SOFTRAX Contrax readily integrates into this existing enterprise application infrastructure, working with your front office CRM and usage-based metering systems and back office financial applications to give you unparalleled control over your billing processes.

    • Support for multi-directional data exchange
    • Data validation and exception handling
    • User-friendly interface for manual adjustment and transaction entry
    • Easy activation and deactivation of services, billing, and revenue recognition
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