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SOFTRAX Announces Appointment of Mark Shane as Director of Development

Veteran Software Development Lead Will Help Research and Define New Hardware and Software Technologies for SOFTRAX Solutions

CANTON, Mass. – November 26th, 2014 – Enterprise revenue recognition specialists SOFTRAX today announced the appointment of software development veteran Mark Shane as the company’s new Director of Development. In this role, he will be overseeing ongoing research and development efforts for the company’s portfolio of revenue management products.  

Mr. Shane brings more than 25 years of development and project management experience to his new role. Most recently, he served as Director of Software Development at Massachusetts-based MorphoTrust USA, the leading US provider of identity solutions.

Mr. Shane previously held senior technical management positions at a number of US and international companies, including First Data, Way Systems, and CyberNet. Since 1993, he has successfully led DevOps-based projects and product development in areas such as mobile payment, payment security, biometrics, and ID systems. Mr. Shane graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney with a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering.

“Joining SOFTRAX offered a chance to work with an undisputed pioneer in revenue automation and subscription management at a pivotal time for the industry,” said Mr. Shane. “As more businesses move to subscription-based offerings or embrace the Internet of Things, the demand for high-quality billing and revenue recognition solutions is greater than ever. With the added complexity and compelling event created by new revenue guidance, SOFTRAX has a tremendous opportunity for growth in the near future.”

“More than perhaps any other company in the revenue automation space, SOFTRAX knows the role experience plays when it comes to creating solutions that are capable of meeting the multifaceted challenges of our customer base,” added Graham Hulme, SOFTRAX’s Director of Product Management. “Mark’s background makes him an excellent addition to a seasoned development team, and we’re pleased to have him on board.”


For over 15 years, SOFTRAX has been fundamentally changing the way companies manage, report, and forecast their revenue and cash. With over 500 successful deployments, SOFTRAX is a leading provider of revenue automation solutions for US enterprises. Today, corporations manage billions of dollars through SOFTRAX, maximizing their revenue, reducing operating expenses, and complying with revenue recognition regulations and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements while gaining unparalleled visibility into their business performance.

SOFTRAX is headquartered in Canton, MA. More information can be found at

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