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Financial Transformation – Solving Complex Revenue Management in a Single Solution

Challenges in contemporary accounting are requiring multiple systems, wasting important time and resources. The following areas have proven problematic to accounting teams of all sizes:

  • Migration to subscription and consumption-based billing, in which customers are demanding changes that differ from traditional legacy models
  • New revenue recognition guidance, which is meant to simplify but instead adds layers of complexity
  • The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), which is resulting in dramatic increases in billing and revenue recognition complexity
  • Migration of back-office infrastructure to multi-tenant cloud​

The ideal fix would achieve and maintain a high level of automation, operate with zero customization and spreadsheets, and have a forward-looking agility that does not require customization.

SOFTRAX is proud to offer this solution with its Revenue Management System, which has the world’s most sophisticated billing and revenue recognition automation – all in a single multi-tenant cloud application. Join us in this Webinar on July 28th at 1pm ET as we unveil the features of the SOFTRAX Revenue Management System.

Event attendees will earn +1.0 CPE credit with participation and gain the opportunity to ask questions about the event’s topics and company challenges.

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