Variable Consideration, Percent of Completion and Commissions

October 22nd, 2020 1pm ET

Steve Kovac of SOFTRAX is joined by David Lewin and Vineet Jain of CBIZ, experts in the field, for their thoughts and knowledge on three complex areas of the ASC 606 guidance.


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Disclosure Requirements Under ASC 606

August 20th, 2020 1pm ET

Steve Kovac of SOFTRAX is joined by Melanie Cook of EY, a renowned expert in the field, for her thoughts and experiences in navigating ASC 606 guidance with regards to disclosures and reporting.

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Operationalizing Contract Combinations and Modifications - SOFTRAX and CFGI

July 23rd, 2020 1pm ET

Presented in collaboration with CFGI, this webcast will focus on the complexity surrounding contract combinations and modifications with respect to ASC 606, and practical steps to operationalize the guidance.

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COVID-19 and Implications for Financial Reporting

May 26th, 2020 1pm ET

SOFTRAX is joined by Tony Sondhi of A.C. Sondhi and Associates, as he presents a follow-up to his April webinar. Learn about the impacts of a public health crisis on variable revenue streams that are a result of performance awards or penalties.

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COVID-19 and Implications for Variable Revenue Streams

April 28, 2020 1pm ET

SOFTRAX is joined by Tony Sondhi of A.C. Sondhi and Associates, as he provides advice on staying compliant with revenue recognition guidance amidst global disruptions.

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The Future of Finance: A Practical Path to Continuous Accounting

November 21, 2019 1pm ET

Why is it so important for a company to modernize its back office? Join SOFTRAX as we outline a guide of practical steps toward the goal of Continuous Accounting!

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Operationalizing ASC 606: One Company's Story

September 26, 2019 1pm ET

Hear the story of how a company survived and thrived while implementing the complex revenue recognition requirements of ASC 606, presented from a CFO/CAO perspective.

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Optimizing the Fulfillment Process In the Context of ASC 606

June 13, 2019 1pm ET

In this webinar, Tom Zauli of Softrax and Greg Davidson of Changepoint will discuss the impact of ASC606 on the fulfillment process, and how companies are operationalizing to ensure a smooth transition to the new guidance.

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ASC 606 Compliance and Revenue Recognition Automation in a Subscription Enabled Economy

May 22, 2019 1pm ET

Join the speakers from Chargebee and Softrax for an opportunity to get answers to your questions live. Whether you are on the cusp of becoming compliant or still finding your way through the complexities, this webinar will provide key takeaways to ensure you have got all bases covered for ASC 606 compliance.

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Don’t Get Hit by the Bus: Automation and Controls with DexYP

March 20, 2019 1pm ET

During this webinar, Tim Ryder of Dex Media, Inc. will join us to discuss management of revenue, customer, contract, business and more.  We'll also delve into DexYP's solution for revenue recognition.

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ASC 606 Implementation Considerations; Automations and Controls over Spreadsheets

February 19, 2019 1pm ET

During this webinar, we will talk about implementation and ongoing compliance with Steve Kovac of Tyler Technologies, focusing on the future of automation and controls, with consideration for the drawbacks of a manual approach. 

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2018 SEC Disclosures Year in Review

 In this webinar, we will run through a hit list of key value points pulled from notable 2018 SEC filings by companies, SEC Comment Letters, and companies’ responses to those SEC Comment Letters.  In doing so, this will provide a solid foundation to successfully meet ASC 606 requirements in 2019, whether your company is going into year 2 of ASC 606 or going into year 1 of adoption of the new revenue recognition standard.

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Webinar Series Part 4: ASC 606 Disclosures and SEC Filings

In prior webinars, we reviewed SEC Comment Letters focused on ASC 606. In this webinar, we revisit these letters paired with companies’ responses. We also review more recent ASC 606 SEC Comment Letters with the corresponding company responses.

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Vindicia Softrax Webinar

Join us as we discuss the complexities of the subscription economy and how to position your company for success, beyond just ASC 606 compliance.

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Webinar Series Part 3: ASC 606 Disclosures and SEC Filings

As part three in our webinar series discussing ASC 606 Disclosures, we take a look at specifically what companies now believe to be the SEC's focus for the remainder of 2018 and into 2019, based on audited transcripts and articles that came out of an 2018 SEC Conference. These relevant notes provide a valuable road map into how companies can best prepare for what lies ahead. 


Webinar Series Part 2: ASC 606 Disclosures and SEC Filings

This month, we hosted our second webinar in our series discussing ASC 606 Disclosures, with a focus on presentation, SEC Commentary, and real company filings. 


Webinar Series Part 1: ASC 606 Disclosures and SEC Filings

As part one in our webinar series discussing ASC 606 Disclosures and SEC Filings, we will present our general observations to date, as well as provide samples of notable SEC Filings. This is a short video intended to provide you with quick, high-level insight. 


Softrax and CBIZ/MHM Discuss ASC 606 Revenue Recognition

The deadline for compliance with ASC 606 has now passed for public companies, but is closing in quickly on private companies.  For those private companies that have yet to assess the impact of the new standard, the time is NOW to begin the process of moving forward towards compliance. Please join SOFTRAX and CBIZ/MHM for a webinar discussion of ASC 606 revenue recognition as we focus on private companies and implementation considerations!


Responding to Revenue Recognition Challenges in a Subscription-Based Economy

Despite the vast benefits of turning “buyers” into “subscribers,” many organizations are finding that the complexities of a subscription-based business model—particularly in the area of revenue recognition—can be overwhelming. Please join us on February 15th for our discussion with Blagoja Golubovski of Vindicia on the potential implementation challenges for subscription businesses.

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New Revenue Recognition Rules and achieving cost-effective compliance
  • Hear from revenue recognition experts Shauna Watson, Alexander Shaposhnikov, Jon Hansen, and Tony Sondhi, as they discuss what actions can be taken to achieve revenue recognition compliance. During this webinar, our revenue recognition experts will provide candid and strategic advice related to the new recevenue recognition rules.

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