Looking to Achieve Full ASC 606 Compliance?

Implement an ASC 606 compliance solution and start preparing your business for today for the current and new revenue recognition requirements.  Achieve full ASC 606 and IFRS 15 compliance with Softrax revenue recognition software. Softrax solutions automatically handle your ASC 606 / IFRS 15 compliance requirements including the following:

  • Automated dual-reporting for ASC 606
  • Tools for determining transaction price and allocations under the new ASC 606 rules
  • Improve ASC 606 Compliance with Fully Auditable Data.
  • Built in Forecast reports
  • Systematized revenue controls with continuous updates and documentation
  • Easy access to revenue compliant data and internal control documentation
  • Review the entire revenue process from initial quote, contract, or order all the way to final reporting
  • Conduct detailed analysis on multiple levels: business unit, product line, market segment, contract type, account, and more
  • Data presented according to your company’s revenue policy

Implement ASC 606 Software

Stay ahead of changing ASC 606 revenue recognition requirements and gain tools needed to improve your security and controls, reduce audit risks. Speak to a Softrax representative today to learn how Softrax revenue recognition software can help you achieve full ASC 606 compliance. 

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