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revenue recognition automation software

Softrax Revenue Manager

Your Revenue Recognition Automation Software Solution for Enterprise-Level Companies
Revenue Manager Product Sheet
For companies seeking a solution that specifically addresses complex revenue recognition requirements (including ASC 606 & IFRS 15) not met by existing ERP systems. To Learn More Download Revenue Manager  Product Sheet.
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Fast, FlexIble, Comprehensive Revenue ReCOGNITION Reporting

revenue recognition reports
  • SOFTRAX Revenue Manager provides customizable dashboards and graphical reports, ensuring revenue data is at your fingertips. 
  • Revenue recognized, on-hold, and scheduled for release can be reported in aggregate, over time (month by month), and broken down by an array of data elements such as business unit, product, and customer to help you better understand and optimize revenue performance. 
  • See how all business, both ongoing and proposed, can impact future revenue growth so you can understand how critical decisions about customer contracts, discounts, pricing, bundling, or product introductions will affect future reported revenue. 

Unrivaled compliance and Audit support

revenue recognition compliance
  • SOFTRAX Revenue Manager systematizes compliance with and proactive enforcement of complex revenue recognition accounting guidance such as ASC 605, ASC 985-605, ASC 605-25, ASC 605-35, ASC 605-10-S99L, and the new ASC 606 / ASU 2014-09 standards. 
  • Because revenue controls are systematized, they are continuously up-to-date and documented, assuring your executives and auditors that reported revenue is in compliance with all applicable guidelines and regulations. 
  • You can review the entire revenue process— from initial quote, contract, or order all the way to the final revenue reporting. Conduct detailed analysis on multiple levels, such as business unit, product line, market segment, contract type, account, and more. 

A smart upgrade for your exisiting ERP SYSTEM

Revenue Manager augments your existing ERP, giving you automation, control, and security without the need for a painful rip and replace of your current enterprise systems. 

Thanks to its modular design and a strong integration, SOFTRAX Revenue Manager is ERP agnostic. That means it easily and seamlessly integrates with the enterprise systems you already have in place, including Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Netsuite, Intacct, and Zuora.

With Revenue Manager, you won't be locked into an integration with any one application or package. And with its Services Oriented Architecture (SOA), Revenue Manager scales for any organization. In short, it's the financial application you are least likely to ever need to replace.


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