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“ Adding substantially to the challenge is the sheer volume of transactions, and the fact that we do very large deals with unique elements. That requires revenue recognition policies to be applied on an account-by-account basis. Softrax automated our manual processes, allowed us to capture the granularity we require with respect to reporting, and put the requisite controls in place for revenue recognition compliance.” Tim Conley, CFO - Tumbleweed 

“Softrax’ revenue management solutions will accelerate the financial reporting and certification process, making it possible to reduce the time it takes to close the books, while maintaining the accuracy and quality of the information. Softrax solutions provide enhanced visibility into our diverse revenue streams will enable us to continue to ensure compliance with current SEC and FASB regulations governing revenue recognition.” Matthew Hale, Chief Financial office - S1 Corporation

"We probably had twice as many spreadsheets as products. So it got to be extremely unwieldy for us from the perspective of revenue recognition, accurate and timely invoicing, and forecasting renewals.”
Jon Greifenkamp, VP Finance - Solucient 

"The revenue recognition and maintenance renewal functionality that Softrax provides will significantly enhance our existing financial systems and the revenue reporting capability will improve our efficiency."
Jeff Chalmers, Corporate Controller - LogicVision, Inc

"After an extensive evaluation process, we felt SOFTRAX was the only product on the market that addressed all the complexities related to software revenue recognition." Steve Lance, Controller - Docent Inc.

Softrax has a nice audit trail. We can trace every single deferred revenue string back to a particular order, when it was done and by whom.” Sheila Geffre, Controller - Accellos

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