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The leading provider of enterprise billing & revenue management software solutions

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Hundreds of corporations trust SOFTRAX to maximize their revenue, reduce operating expenses and comply with revenue recognition regulations and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

Industry Leading Billing and Revenue Recognition Management Solutions

SOFTRAX is a leading provider of enterprise revenue management and billing software solutions that fundamentally change the way companies manage, analyze, report, and forecast their revenue. SOFTRAX solutions automate the entire revenue cycle, from revenue recognition, reporting and forecasting, through complex billing and contract renewals. Hundreds of corporations benefit from using SOFTRAX to optimize their revenue, reduce operating expenses, comply with revenue recognition regulations and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, and gain unprecedented visibility into their business performance. SOFTRAX is pleased to have Goldman, Sachs & Co. as an equity partner and investor in the company.


SOFTRAX solutions improve the accuracy, availability, and usability of key financial data by establishing a single repository for all contract, customer, and transaction data with a built-in audit trail. As a result, SOFTRAX delivers substantial hard dollar savings, frequently in a matter of months by helping companies:

  • Optimize revenue
    • Achieve more accurate and consistent revenue recognition
    • Bring revenue into the normal close process
    • Get faster and more flexible revenue recognition reporting
    • Improve revenue recognition forecasting
    • Gain new insight into future revenue streams
  • Increase cash flow
    • Lower re-bill rates
    • Reduce late and inaccurate billing
    • Capture 100% of contractual revenue (renewals, price increases, etc.)
    • Decrease cost of invoicing processes
    • Improve customer relationships
  • Lower compliance risk
    • Establish a full audit trial for revenue transactions
    • Improve internal controls over revenue reporting
    • Reduce audit cost and resource commitments

Established Customer Base

SOFTRAX customers represent some of the most successful, innovative, high-growth enterprises in the world. Companies such as Infor, Solucient, RightNow, Sungard and hundreds of others rely on SOFTRAX to manage their core revenue processes. The Company considers its customer relations a critical component in ongoing business success, and works with each customer on a continual basis to ensure satisfaction and proven results from the daily use of SOFTRAX systems.

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