Leading Revenue Management Software Company

Since 1999, companies have used Softrax solutions to optimize their revenue, reduce operating expenses, comply with revenue recognition regulations, and gain unprecedented visibility into their business performance. 

With almost two decades of development and deployment, Softrax offers both expertise and experience where it's needed most. 

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Billing and Revenue Management Products That Companies Trust.

Softrax provides enterprise revenue management and billing software solutions that fundamentally change the way companies manage, analyze, report, and forecast their revenue. SOFTRAX products work alongside your existing infrastructure to automate the entire revenue cycle, from revenue recognition, reporting and forecasting, through complex billing and contract renewals.

Our customers represent some of the most successful, innovative, and high-growth enterprises in the world. Companies such as 3M, Thomson Reuters, Infor, and Kaplan all rely on SOFTRAX to manage critical revenue and billing processes. 


Improve Automation, Security, and Controls Across Your Financial Processes.

SOFTRAX solutions improve the accuracy, availability, and usability of key financial data by establishing a single repository for all contract, customer, and transaction data with a built-in audit trail.

We deliver substantial hard dollar savings by helping our clients to:

Optimize Revenues

    • Achieve more accurate and consistent revenue recognition
    • Bring revenue into the normal close process
    • Get faster, more flexible revenue recognition reporting
    • Improve revenue recognition forecasting
    • Gain new insight into future revenue streams

Increase Cash Flows

    • Lower re-bill rates
    • Reduce late or inaccurate billing
    • Capture 100% of contractual revenue (renewals, price increases, etc.)
    • Decrease cost of invoicing processes
    • Improve customer relationships

Lower Compliance Risk

    • Establish full audit trails for revenue transactions
    • Improve internal controls over revenue reporting
    • Reduce audit cost and resource commitments